Hotel history


French Hotel was built in 1911-1912. Modernist building designed by Zbigniew Odrzywolski and Bronislaw Colonna-Czosnowski.

Hotel commenced operations June 1, 1912, and was then the most modern hotel in Krakow. The property is equipped with all the wonders of contemporary art. The hotel had its own automobile transporting guests from the station, pneumatic mail, central heating, baths in bathrooms, and even gold plated taps. French Hotel has always been an expression of elegance, excellence and outstanding service. No wonder that since the beggining French Hotel drew crowds of interested guests and was considered a place of intelligence. Kraków elite met here, famous lawyers, doctors, professors.

In the post-war French Hotel was considered the most exclusive in the city. Eminent politicians and famous artists stayed here. Among others Jan Kiepura, Artur Rubinstein, Antoni Slominski, and politics like Boleslaw Bierut honoured us with their presence, as well as the Romanian Prince Karol. French Hotel popularity persists to this day. Recently visited us Lech Walesa, the Duchess of York Sarah Ferguson, Jolanta Kwaśniewska, Maryla Rodowicz, Anna Maria Jopek, Marek Kondrat, Janusz Gajos, Zbigniew Zamachowski and many other great characters.

French hotel is also a place that could boast of the fact that it is in its walls October 12, 1919 year the Polish Olympic Committee has been born.

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